Estate & Hobby Trailers

WL 4ET Deckover

Built with the same quality and durability as our full size Super-Tilt trailers, these small but mighty trailers can handle the tough loads from 1-5 tons. Designed for smaller tractors, their compact size makes them perfect for getting into places larger trailers can't. 

For loads that need more volume, side extensions are available for the 1 and 2 ton trailers. From mulch, to bedding soil, to fire wood, these trailers are ready to tackle your weekend chores and turn them into fun.


Box Size
Side Panels
Side Material
Floor Material
Tire Size                 
Jack Capacity 

  • 5 1/2' x 8'
  • 18" Removable, 6" Plank Slide
  • 10 Gauge
  • 3/16"
  • 6 Bolt 4000 lb. per 2" Spindle x 4
  • 9.5 x 15 8 Ply
  • 4 Tons Hoist Capacity
  • Auto Release & Lock
  • Tandem/Main Pivot Grease Sleeve
  • Swivel Hitch
  • 1 Under Deck Mount